Forensic & Litigation Consulting

Al Tayseer’s Forensic and Litigation Consulting segment provides law firms and corporations around the globe with the industry’s best and most complete range of forensic and litigation services. As an independent consulting firm, we combine end-to-end capabilities with unmatched qualifications.

Our consultants are among the most experienced in the industry in complex matters and have been intimately involved in some of the nation’s most historic high-stakes cases. We pull together the right combination of people with the right expertise for each client matter, drawing from our broad and deep pool of talent. Clients benefit from teams assembled not just from within our practice but from across the entire Al Tayseer business, as needed.

We understand the complexity and fast changing nature of your business. We combine our capabilities – from forensic accounting, computer forensics, through to litigation support and testimony – to create a purpose built solution to your litigation and forensic requirements. We recover data and assets, and manage financial threats. We assist legal and corporate teams in mitigating risks and financial loss through:

  • Detection and prevention of fraud
  • Protection and recovery of assets
  • Reputable testimony or evidence in cases of litigation
  • Discovering hidden or concealed data

Our methods of investigation can stand up to rigorous judicial scrutiny, giving you peace of mind in complex legal disputes. We help protect your organization from financial damage as well as damage to your company’s reputation.