HR Policies and Procedure

Policies are principles, rules and guidelines formulated and adopted by an organization to reach its long-term goals. Procedures are the steps that will be followed to implement policies. Together, policies and procedures ensure that an organization is effectively managed in order to be sustainable and profitable.

Every company needs policies and procedures in order to operate efficiently, to avoid employee confusion and to adhere to legal and regulatory guidelines.

HR Policies familiarize new employees with company rules. It also helps answer the most basic questions about the workplace while making new employees aware of company expectations.  Policies and procedures need to be concise, clear and to the point so that it can be effectively implemented.

Even the smallest organizations must have clear and concise HR polices to run efficiently. Without policies, some employees will take advantage of the company, hurting morale and causing time-consuming problems. Poorly written policies can lead to serious legal problems. The lack of written policies will have serious complications.

The nature of the organization will determine the specific need for policies and procedures (e.g. smaller organizations may require fewer policies).