Strategic Planning

We work with clients to formulate strategies that take advantage of the opportunities present in highly uncertain business environments—while also managing the risks. We believe scenario planning works best when it focuses on areas of greatest uncertainty. Will new regulations be passed? How long and severe a downturn will we face in our sector? This approach yields a divergent set of scenarios that represent plausible alternative futures. For each scenario, we can help the client build early-warning indicators, a portfolio of strategic options, the no-regrets moves it can make under any circumstances, and the contingencies it should be prepared to meet.

Making the best decisions in today’s uncertain and rapidly changing environment also requires the right data at the adequate level of granularity. We can provide a dynamic dashboard of crisis indicators across major world geographies, including analysis of executive sentiment, key macroeconomic indicators, trends in credit and capital markets, and the changing role of government. Looking further out, we can help clients discover the major trends that are likely to shape the global business environment over the next 10 to 15 years and assess their impact.