About Us

Al’ Tayseer is an end to end one-stop advisory firm whose sole objective is to help clients meet their full businesses potential. We have a team of established and respected banking and corporate leaders based in Malaysia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka who are experts in the areas of Strategic planning, Business development, Sales, Legal, Corporate finance, Corporate advisory, Risk Management, Turnaround and restructuring, Human resources, Knowledge management, Corporate and public relations, and Brand management.

The value of an end to end advisory firm is that it gives clients’ businesses access to a complete range of experts all under one roof, culled from years of exposure in high performing industries, multiple markets, and who have ridden the ups and downs of the Asian and global economies.  It is precisely this variety and breadth of experience not typically readily available internally in most businesses that will help clients to make informed and correct business decisions.

 Successful businesses have an appreciation for, and have benefited from, getting the right advice from the right advisory firm.  It is only with this partnership and trust on the advice provided that significant growth and gains in performance for the business can be achieved.