Economic Consulting

Our Economic Consulting team consists of economists, econometricians and financial analysts who apply insightful economic thinking and analysis to the business, consumer and regulatory issues confronting our clients.

We assist clients to understand and project market trends, to evaluate the effects of new strategies and to persuade key decision-makers and stakeholders. Our team uses micro-economic theory and statistical, econometric and financial expertise to tackle some of the most complex and challenging business and policy issues of today. Combining modeling skills with deep industry knowledge, we provide professional economic advice to companies, regulators and government.

We offer rational explanations, projections and evaluations based on the laws of economics, but most importantly, Economic Consulting combines with other services to ensure that our advice is cogent, insightful and fact-based. Our Economic Consulting team can help to resolve complex challenges with specialist economic advice. In particular we offer services across the following industries:

  • Telecommunications
  • Public Sector
  • Energy, Infrastructure and Utilities
  • Media
  • Disputes and competition
  • Economic and Business Modeling