We believe the broad-brush way that many companies describe their business opportunities is flawed. Large companies in particular suffer from the tyranny of the aggregated and average view. Although popular, these generalizations offer very little help to executives looking for meaningful growth opportunities.

Real growth emerges only when companies take a more granular view of their market segments, their needs, and the capabilities required to serve them. We help clients do that by defining their ambitions, identifying opportunities, and wiring their organization for growth.

To that end, our overall core growth strategy helps senior managers locate and expand the strongest assets of their core businesses. Surprisingly, we’ve found that most core businesses don’t operate at their full potential.

Our teams work with companies to precisely answer such questions as “What are your most differentiated and strategic capabilities?” and “What are your most critical product and service offerings?” Once we’ve mapped out a core business’s true capabilities, we help clients rank new opportunities based on market strength and revenue potential.

Our services encompass customized research, business strategy, and organizational development initiatives. Growth Consulting provides uniquely powerful, innovative, and practical solutions to help companies successfully address their growth challenges. These services are tailor-made on a case-by-case basis, leveraging our unique combination of market expertise, global presence, and relationships with key industry players.